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Memari College General Rules & Regulations

  • Attendance of Students: According to Burdwan University Rules a regular students of the college must have to attend at least 75% of classes held during the particular academic session, failing which the candidate shall be treated as non-collegiate (more than 60% but less than 75%), but is eligible to appear at the final examination after paying a fine fixed by B.U.A non-collegiate student is not allowed to sit for Test Examination conducted by the College;
  • Students are expected to go through the Notice Board regularly;
  • Students are expected to be co-operative and well-mannered in dealing with their Teachers, Non-teaching staff and their fellow friends;
  • All the Honours and General Students must appear at the Test Examinations conducted by the Department concerned and or the College;
  • Every student must use College property like furniture, laboratory equipments and consumables, electrical and toiletry fittings, library books, etc. will due care and caution. Any student found damaging the college property shall be punished;
  • Students have to participate in and keep discipline in the various function, meeting, competitions, Students Union election and such activities in the College;
  • No students will be allowed to get in or out of a class, examination hall without the Teacher’s permission;
  • Practice of ragging and eve teasing is punishable offence;
  • The Institution expects every student to have self respect be proud of being a student of MEMARI COLLEGE.