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All the candidates who have passed H.S. Examination or equivalent (10+2) Examination are eligible for applying for General Courses (Arts, Science and Commerce) in the College. For studying with Honours in any subject a candidate is required to secure 45% marks in the H.S. Examination or equivalent (10+2) exam. in the concerned year. Year gapping will be compensated by deducting 10 marks from the Total Marks obtained for each previous year, maximum for tenure of three years. That is, a student will not be allowed to apply if he/she passed prior to three years, (year before 2008) as per B.U. rules. A candidate can not apply for admission in any Honours Courses of any stream if he/she secured less than 45% marks in that subject. But a student from Science Stream may apply for Honours in Accountancy, Economics and Computer Science if he or she secures atleast 30% marks in Mathematics. The admission will strictly be on merit basis. The merit list will be prepared on the basis of Grade Points obtained by the applicants. The procedure for calculating Grade Point is given below:

For Honours Course

Grade Point = [{Total Marks obtained in 1st and 2nd language* papers + best three combination subjects except Environmental Studies + marks obtained in subject applied for Honours Course+30% of marks obtained in Madhyamik Pariksha#}- {10x Number of year lost, if any}]

* In case he/she has one language paper in H.S. Exam. (10+2), the number of the same will be doubled. If the full marks of a subject is not 100, the same will be converted in proportion of 100.

# If the total marks of M.P. is not 800, the marks obtained in the same will be converted in proportion of 800. Example: Name:-XYZ, H.S. Exam. Passed in 2011 under WBCHSE and M.P. Passed under WBBSE with marks obtained - 560.

Language Papers Combination subjects
Beng. Eng. Sanskrit Geography History Philosophy ENVS
60 62 75 80 77* 82 85
*Applied for Honours in History
Grade Point = [{60+62+82+80+77+77*+30% of 560}-{10x0}] = 606

If XYZ passed H.S. Examination, 2010

Grade Point = [{60+62+82+80+77+77*+30% of 560}-{10x1}] = 596

If XYZ passed M.P. under CBSE/ICSE with total 300 out of 500.

Grade Point = [{60+62+82+80+77+77*+30%of 480$}-{10x0}] = 582 $ 300 out of 500 is equivalent to 480 out of 800.

For General Course

Grade Point = [{Total marks obtained in 1st & 2nd Language + best three Combination Subject Except ENVS of H.S. Exam. or equivalent}-{10xNo. of year lost, if any}] And so on.

N.B.: At the time of aggregating the marks of M.P. or equivalent examination marks obtained in Additional subject, if any should not be included.

However, the admission in Science and Commerce General Stream and Honours in Economics will be made directly or first come first serve basis as the intake capacity is limited. So, candidate seeking admission to the above mentioned courses need not submit their Admission Forms or wait for publication of Merit list.

Rules for students from Vocational Stream

As per the B.U. Rules a student passing 10+2 level with (a) Vocational Engineering Technology is eligible for admission to Science General Stream only; (b) Vocational Agriculture is eligible to admission in Honours in any Arts Subject, Arts General Stream and also Science General Stream; (c) Vocational Business and Commerce is eligible to Commerce General Stream only and (d) Vocational Home Science is eligible to B.A. General only.

Applicants are asked to strictly follow the Guidelines supplied along with the Application Form. The guidelines contain the important dates concerned to Admission, Rules & Regulation of Admission, procedure for filling-up the Form, etc.