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Students Welfare

Students Welfare

Free studentship is granted to the needy students on the basis of merit and attendance. For the purpose applications should reach the Principal within the stipulated time following notification in this regard put up in the College notice board.

Students Aid Fund

Financial help at a time from Students Aid Fund are granted to the students in capable of paying Tuition Fees and other dues. The financial status of such students is to be determined by the appropriate authoritative documents.


The staff of the College help the students to avail the various scholarships from Govt.departments like B.C.W., Labour Welfare, WBMFDC, etc. and private concerns like Zindal etc. by providing information etc.

Students Identity Card

Each student is required to collect Identity Card duly signed by the Principal of the College to prove himself/herself a bonafied member of the College and any student of the College has to produce Identity Card when asked by the Principal. Identity Card must be renewed every year.

Students Union

All the enrolled students are considered as member of the Students Union. Every year the student members elect their Class Representatives who in turn, elect office bearers of the Union through democratic process. The Students Union is looking after implementation of Students Welfare Schemes and in co-operation with the Teachers and Staff ensure students participation in diverse cultural activities like recitation, debates, social activities, etc.

Students Health Home

All students of the College are required to take membership of the Students Health Home which extend all types of medical facilities to the students.